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Eccentric Nomads




Dan and Diann recently had an epiphany. They decided it was time to actually live life. They packed their stuff and are traveling the roads in their fifth wheel with their two dogs, Diann’s Nikon cameras, and enough rice and beans to get them through as they share their adventures, or misadventures, with you.



Airstream Family





Two years ago, we bought a 28 foot, 1968 Airstream Ambassador on eBay. We’re now living the dream. All 28 feet of it.

The idea of buying and living in a vintage Airstream with our kids coincided with months of sleep deprivation following the birth of our twins.

As a Mum to three kids under two at the time, the travel junky and career woman I was had been replaced by a suburban housewife who barely had time to shower.

I was drowning. Drowning in nappies, in mess, in bills and boredom. And I dreamt of escape. Not from the children, but from the rest of our mediocre, consumeristic and debt-ridden life.

It didn’t take much to convince my partner, who is a closet vagabond, to sink our house deposit into buying and renovating a 1960s Airstream.

Rarely home from work before the kids were in bed, he was equally desperate to escape the rat race and embrace a simpler life.

So at 2am one morning, I found and bought “Wallabee” on eBay. Thus began our Airstream adventure – first shipping her from Minnesota to Santa Barbara to be customized, then all the way to Australia to embrace our wanderlust.







GoodRVfood.com is dedicated to the art of preparing meals in the relatively small spaces of our recreational vehicles, including boats, motor homes, fifth wheels and travel trailers. We specialize in recipes and hints tailored just for cooking in a small galley.

I’m Cathy Lea, editor of GoodRVfood.com, and I have been all over this great country in my Roadtrek class-B camper van. I love to travel and love cooking and eating good food.

My cooking experience is all pretty much self-taught, with a little help from my love of watching cooking shows on TV. My mother was not a great cook, so I credit my father (an excellent cook and baker in his own right) for teaching me how to love good food. When I moved out on my own I bought a few cookbooks, started experimenting and never stopped. All of my friends love to eat at my house because they are sure to get something they have never tried before, often a recreation of something I first tasted while traveling. I don’t follow the convention of only serving recipes I’ve tried before. I love to experiment with anything new and exciting so we all have fun.



Adventures of Dave and Ann




In 2013, we spent more than 100 days traveling in the Airstream including a loop around the Southwest US and a trip through the Pacific Northwest up to Banff and the Rockies with a caravan, and decided we wanted to do even more. While we love the travel ourselves, we’ve found it even more enriching to do with a child, opening our eyes to simple pleasures and watching as they learn through interaction with the world. We’ve met some great families on the road and do a lot of thinking about how we would like travel to be a large part of how we raise our children. Yep, I said “children.” In July of 2014, we welcomed little Mae and soon set off on more adventures in the Airstream as a family of four. By January 2015, we’d decided to rent the Farmlet to some close family friends and hit the road full time. First destination? Alaska!



HitchUpandGo State Tourism Directory



This State Tourism directory lists all of the State Tourism Websites in the U.S. by state. It will provide you with information, fun things to do and see, places to stay and stuff you should not miss on your travels. The HitchUpandGo Tourism directory includes all 50 states as well as Washington DC.