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After all wouldn’t you rather just……. HitchUpandGo?


Currently Wandering




We are the Curren family and have left suburbia to travel the United States full time in an Airstream travel trailer. We launched from Woodbridge, VA in November 2013 and about six months later made a stop in Lehi, UT to sell our house and almost everything in it setting out again in late June 2014.

We love that travel & outdoor recreation helps our family feel closer together, adventurous and challenged. Currently Wandering is a collection of stories, locations, advice and ideas for those that want to travel or be inspired to explore the world around them.




Keep it Clean




Residing in the state of Michigan exposes us to a lot of news about drinking water problems lately. In fact, people outside of the state of Michigan, in the past would associate this location with popular places like Detroit, Grand Rapids or possibly even Traverse City. Now everyone just says “ are you by Flint?”…more




Dirty Walking




Hey! I’m Joodie, which isn’t a misspelling of Jodie, but rather a misspelling of Judy. The Big Guy and I like to hike, and I like to keep a photo-enhanced written record of that both for us and to share with family, friends, and any kindred spirit who wants to virtually tag along. We added a 24′ 2003 Chinook Destiny to our adventuring a few years ago in order to expand the terrain we can traverse. Thank you for being out there and stopping by in here.



Happiest Camper



Hi, I’m Heather. My husband and I live in a camper with our baby and dog. For work, I write grants that support and create programs for nonprofit organizations. For fun, I like to sew and craft, hike, hunt for a good bargain.

With the birth of our first child, Dave has become a stay at home dad.  He enjoys cooking, dog training, riding his bike or motorcycle, and making improvements to our home on wheels.  His southern accent makes all the ladies swoon.

Our son, Sadler, was born in August 2016.  So far his interests include eating, spitting up, sleeping, and filling his diaper.  We are eager to watch him grow and develop his own unique personality.

We have lived the full-time RV lifestyle since January 2015.  Our current home is a 2003 39′ Mirage fifth wheel that we pull with a 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty 7.0L.






Hi. We’re Steve, Tess, and Fender. We are adventurers, videographers, photographers, travelers, minimalists, and explorers. We love exploring this amazing planet.

We have always loved the outdoors.

In 2012, we set a goal to go tent camping once a month. By 2013, once a month wasn’t enough. In 2014, we camped 58 nights in a tent, and we still wanted more. Before we knew it, our house started feeling like a burden, and we decided to sell. As we sold our house, we looked at tiny houses and small apartments. Eventually we migrated to started researching RVs and we loved the idea of being able to travel with our home. From there, we set a goal to live in an RV full-time and keep exploring this great country.

For the next several years, we will be living in our Airstream, traveling wherever the winds may blow us, in search of great friends, great trails to hike, ride, paddle, and explore.  If we’re passing through your town, we’d love to share a meal or hike with you. If you can’t make it to where we are, join us in person and follow along.

This is our journey as we try to explore more of the world and seek to enrich our lives and the lives of others.