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Take To The Highway


HitchUpandGo Featured BlogMy life has been a constant metamorphosis of sorts, always morphing into a new stage in a new place.  I have had an incurable case of wanderlust since I was a kid growing up with parents who loved to road trip on a minute’s notice.  I have been blessed to see some amazing places on this beautiful planet, so I decided I would like to have a place to share these experiences.

I am living out my dream as a full time RVing 9 to 5’er, still hanging on to the “golden handcuffs” for a little longer. As a telecommuter, I figured “If I can do my job anywhere, why not do it everywhere?” So I sold my 3 bedroom home along with everything in it that was not nailed down, bought my Winnie View, and hit the road in March, 2013. The nomadic life suits me even more than I had hoped.



HitchUpandGo Featured WebsiteFifth Wheel St. is the brainchild of former full-time RVer and US Army and US Postal Service retiree, Dave Gray, who saw a need that was not being satisfactorily met for those towing 5th wheel, gooseneck and conventional trailers. The website debuted on April 18, 2011. (Gray states that he returned to his California house in March 2014 to receive his first grandchild in May and his second grandchild in July. As soon as the house maintenance is completed, and it's sold, he and his wife are looking forward to full-time travels again.) 

For the safety of all on the road, it is important for all who are towing to know if their vehicle is towing safely. If you don't know your towing weights then you may be an overloaded traveling hazard. The primary reason for Fifth Wheel St. is to emphasize the importance of towing safety by knowing your vehicles' weight. Fifth Wheel St. makes this task very easy by providing simplified worksheets and online calculators, as well as Android, iOS and Amazon Fire apps, allowing you to print your easy to understand weight safety report.

Cheddar Yeti


HitchUpandGo Featured BlogWe're Location Independent People. Living and working full time out of our Motorhome called "The Cheddar Yeti." We use social media to share with you fun and at times useful information about life on the road, travel, and the places and people we meet. 





RV Service Reviews


HitchUpandGo Featured Website.

Here is your chance to thank those RV repair facilities that have done a great job for you and at the same time warn others about places that have not. This site contains actual reviews of RV service facilities made by the RV owner's themselves. You can research where to take your RV for service and what establishments you should avoid.


The RVing Moser's


HitchUpandGo Featured BlogHello! We are the Moser’s who live in the San Francisco Bay Area and love to visit the many State Park beaches along the coast of California and Oregon. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful place, and we invite you to join us by reading about our RV Trips. As you can see, we have a small (weekend) home, but a really big yard! 




Search Tool

Here is a handy little search tool. Just select the search location from the top box. Then type what you are looking for in the lower box.

Search Examples: You can select "Google Weather", type your current zip code and get the current forcast in your area.

 It is also very useful for finding campgrounds. Simply select "Google Maps" and type the words
"campgrounds" & "orlando" to find a place to stay around Disney World.

Winterize your RV annually with ease. The permanent Camco RV Pump Converter Winterizing Kit can be installed with just an adjustable wrench. Kit includes brass valve, siphon hose, Teflon tape and pump adapters.

Its Showtime...

PinterestCheck out some of the great RV video producers that we have gathered for you. These channels will are some of the best.


The Classic Accessories Snow White RV wheel cover is a sturdy tire protector, guarding tires and wheels against sun damage, dirt and rust when your RV is parked.