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We’re two travelers passionate about exploring, scuba diving, and food and we want to find the best in the country. The best places to discover on or off the beaten path. The best spots to scuba dive in a state you would never think of diving. And the best local food to make your stomach growl. This is what excites us in traveling and what we want to share with you.

We’re Kerensa and Brandon and we’ve been traveling since we met. We’ve lived in different parts of the country and we always took road trips to explore the surrounding areas. While living in the NYC/NJ metro area, we got into camping and bought a pop-up camper to take a break from city life and explore the Poconos and Catskills. This planted a seed, a seed that would grow into this adventure you’re reading about now. We were happy in our pop-up. We were always happy on the road exploring new places and experiencing new things. Maybe we could do this full-time; no permanent home except the one we drive. So we planned, saved, researched, and then jumped in with both feet. We left our corporate jobs to use our design skills as consultants on the road (deglossed.com) and bought a home on wheels. Join us for our new life and new adventure as we explore all the nooks and crannies of America to see what makes each region unique!



Life Rebooted






Hi there, we’re Mike, Kathie, and Opie the Black Lab! This is our journal about rebooting our lives and moving into an RV full-time to go explore the four corners of North America.



Lets RV




LetsRV.com is a website for RVers by RVers. The founders, most writers and all reviewers are full-time RV owners who travel the country and understand the unique needs of people who enjoy the RV lifestyle.

The site officially launched in January 2015 as an independent source for news, product reviews and as the go-to site to find the best information about the RV lifestyle. We scan the Internet all day every day, pointing our visitors to the best the web has to offer in terms of stories, blogs, podcasts, videos, news items, new products, service tips, photos and ideas to enhance the RV lifestyle. Our writers also publish unique content like destination stories, interviews of other RVers, lifestyle tips and product reviews.



Shore Looks Nice




We packed in the corporate lifestyle to Travel across America seeking Adventure full time in an RV. On June 1, 2014 we left Orange County to embark on the most epic journey of our lives. Being full time RVers has been an incredible journey and a great learning experience. The best part is going to unique places, meeting new people and doing it all with my best friend. If you love rving, camping or just want to live vicariously through us, check out the video below and be sure to join us on Social Media as we document the RV Life on the Open Road.



HitchUpandGo State Tourism Directory



This State Tourism directory lists all of the State Tourism Websites in the U.S. by state. It will provide you with information, fun things to do and see, places to stay and stuff you should not miss on your travels. The HitchUpandGo Tourism directory includes all 50 states as well as Washington DC.