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RV Wanderlust 


HitchUpandGo Featured BlogHi, we’re Eric and Brittany Highland.

This is the story of how we got ants in our pants and couldn’t stay put. How we wanted to get on the road and explore even though “we look too young to own an RV.”

For us, the journey started years ago, when we both had jobs that tied us down geographically…and we couldn’t afford to buy an RV anyway.

Three years later, we’ve saved up for our dream and we work for ourselves online.





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 As a full-time traveler, you know freedom. The open road. The hum of your tires on the long stretch of blacktop. From misty mountain vistas to the golden hue of the prairie, from sea to shining sea, you’re out there, living the dream. You don’t want anything to hold you back.

At DakotaPost, formerly known as Alternative Resources, we understand that there are practicalities to this lifestyle of freedom that can do just that.

Ttrailer Traveler


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They said it couldn’t be done. Our experience towing our Lance 1685 (3800 dry weight, just under 5000 loaded) with a 6 cylinder Toyota 4 Runner … 10,000 miles, desert to mountain passes … our “little engine that could” … your experience may vary…



HitchUpandGo Featured WebsiteNo matter where you’re going, BringFido.com can help you find a pet friendly campground for the trip. Our directory includes everything from primitive tent sites to luxury RV Resorts with swimming pools and golf courses, so whether you want to “ruff it” or go glamping, we’ve got you covered. You can get the scoop on campground pet policies, read reviews of other campers with pets, and even speak with the campground host directly.


Shell On Wheels


HitchUpandGo Featured BlogJack Ashore is a retired navy sailor obsessed with politics, comic books, salt water aquariums, and the intersection of science, religion, skepticism, and culture.  Awkwardly balanced between a desire for an adventuress life and the quite comfort of a financially secure beach condo existence, a full time RV lifestyle is exaclty what he neeed to balance this yin and yang, and hopefully spur a bit of creative writing as well.

Ramblin’ Rose is an inveterate natural born traveller ready to cash it all in, strap on a backpack and travel the world couch surfing and crashing in youth hostels.  A New York City transplant to Miami Beach, half Boricua-half Ecuadorian child of immigrants, lover of all things aquatic, photographer, life of the party and yet also an excessivly shy artist, she has been driving this adventure train for years and is ready for the next phase.

Jack and Rose are in their late 40s and just retired, now living on the road in an RV. They found each other on the roof of a Miami Beach condo under the glow of July 4th fireworks in 2002, and were maried exactly two years later, thus allowing the nation to celebrate their anniversery every year. 

Search Tool

Here is a handy little search tool. Just select the search location from the top box. Then type what you are looking for in the lower box.

Search Examples: You can select "Google Weather", type your current zip code and get the current forcast in your area.

 It is also very useful for finding campgrounds. Simply select "Google Maps" and type the words
"campgrounds" & "orlando" to find a place to stay around Disney World.

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Its Showtime...

PinterestCheck out some of the great RV video producers that we have gathered for you. These channels will are some of the best.


Heavy duty blocks are safe and easy to use. They offer many options for leveling single wheels, dual wheels, hydraulic jacks, tongue jacks, stabilizer jacks, 5th wheel jacks and tandem axles. Customize your levels: Stack interlocking blocks to desired height. Strong and durable blocks are available in a ten-block set and a four-block build-up set. Patent pending. Each set comes in a convenient storage bag.

Heavy duty blocks Safe and easy to use For leveling single and dual wheels, hydraulic jacks and tandem axels Customize by stacking interlocking blocks to desired height 10 per pack