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Weather Underground


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Weather Underground has challenged the conventions around how weather information is shared with the public since 1993. We're immensely proud of the unique products that our community and meteorologists have created to improve people's access to meaningful weather data from around the globe. As the Internet's 1st weather service, we consider ourselves pioneers within our field and we're constantly seeking new data sets and the next technologies that will help us share more data with more people.   

June Bug Journeys


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Bob and Becky Kevoian…a couple of folks just inching our way into retirement, little by little. Helping us along that route is our new June Bug, a 2014 Airstream Sport 16 Bambi.

Sometimes we pull the June Bug behind our silver 2013 Airstream Interstate, and sometimes we pull it behind our silver SUV. Either way, we make quite a sight along the highways…like a little silver train chugging along.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading about our journeys! We live in the heartland and venture out across the country when time allows. Check back frequently and see where we’ve been and what we’ve seen. 


Stop Slamming the Tent Door  

by Tim R. Enright 

Tent camping is not even in the same ballpark as RVing. It takes a special kind of person to stay in a tent. Modern RVs are now pretty much just like small homes on wheels. Tents now days are pretty much just like well tents. Living in a tent is not unlike hanging a sheet over a tree and calling it home.

One of the obvious problems with camping in a tent is how impervious it is to inclement weather. Tents leak. Some more than others, but water will always find its way into a tent. You may not get soaked. Your air mattress may not even float off the floor. But following any good stiff rain all your stuff will definitely have that damp musty feel.

 Another challenge to tent camping is finding a place for all your stuff. Unlike a RV you really don’t have any closets or cabinets to store things in. Other than a Tenter’s cell phone which you will most likely find hanging out of the electrical hookup box, the rest of a Tent Camper’s stuff can only be kept in 3 places. The places are: the tent, a pile on the picnic table or just to keep things in the car. Your tent will only hold so much. The table is exposed to the weather. So that leaves your vehicle as your primary source to keep your valuables.

This leads me to my next subject. Tent campers tend to be a noisy bunch. I can't blame them personally, it comes with the territory. Due to the lack of insulation in the construction of most tents, noise tends to travel outside the walls of a tent. In other words, what happens in a tent doesn’t necessarily stay in a tent. Also remember what I said about Tenter’s keeping most of their stuff in their vehicles? So if you have ever camped next to a Tent Camper you will agree that the sound of car doors slamming 24 hours a day can become extremely annoying.

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Search Tool

Here is a handy little search tool. Just select the search location from the top box. Then type what you are looking for in the lower box.

Search Examples: You can select "Google Weather", type your current zip code and get the current forcast in your area.

 It is also very useful for finding campgrounds. Simply select "Google Maps" and type the words
"campgrounds" & "orlando" to find a place to stay around Disney World.

Restyled for 2014, the Weber Q 100 is now the Weber Q 1000. The grill has the same great performance and sleek styling, but adds new aesthetics that are both functional and fun, including larger grip handle and control knobs, ergonomic side handles, sturdy front and rear cradles plus the familiar Weber Q logo branded in the lid. Split grates allow for a grate/griddle cooking combination: Just replace one of the grates with the Q 1000-series compatible griddle (sold separately) and experience a delicious alternative way of preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner on your grill. Durable, but lightweight, cast-aluminum construction of the Weber Q 1000 makes this super-portable grill the perfect tailgating companion. Used on the go, it runs on disposable LP cylinders (not included), but can be a stationary a stay-at-home grill also. An optional LP adapter hose for hook up to a 20-lb. tank is available as an accessory. Reliable starts are assured with the simple-to-operate push-button ignition. Burgers, brats and dogs are easily handled, but a large variety of other foods may also be cooked at any temperatures from low to high. Just dial-in the proper heat setting by adjusting the infinite control burner valve. May be used with Weber Portable Cart model #6557.    

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Tax Court disallows RV Business Deductions

RV Income Tax Help- — TAs I have often repeated, much of what we think may be deductible is conjecture until a case comes to court and a ruling has been made.

Sadly, RVers who took deductions for depreciation and interest on their RV, even though the tax court acknowledged primary business usage, were disallowed due to conflicting language in IRC section 280A. The ruling Jackson, T.C. Memo, 2014-160, August 7,2014 is likely to be the precedent the IRS will follow in the future. (Please use link for full text & details)

The ruling cost the taxpayers $42,228 in back taxes covering two years and an additional $8,445.60 in penalties for a total of $50,673.60 - ouch!  ...  Read more..