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Ditching Suburbia


Ditching Suburbia


Who This Site Is For?

DitchingSuburbia.com is for families who’ve achieved the “American Dream” but found that it’s actually an exhausting, unfulfilling lie.

A true “rat race” where even the winners lose.

Your schedule is dictated by the school system, by the HOA, and by your church. You hardly see your kids. Your days run together and you wonder where the adventure is.

What Do We Write About?

On DitchingSuburbia.com we write about leaving a suburban life in search of simpler living, closer family, richer education, and uncommon adventure.


to simplify


to simplify

My name is Glenn, and I’m a nomad, saxophonist, composer, and big proponent of the simple life. Some might say radically so.

That’s me beside my intergalactic spaceship, the closest thing to a home that I own – by choice. That may sound pretty insane, but the profound level of freedom that comes from living in such a small and portable footprint is pretty tough to beat.

Herein lies tales, observations, lessons learned, music, photos, and anything else from my travels that I’m moved to share with the world


The Road Less Traveled


The Road Less Traveled

Ron and I have been traveling together since 2005 when he sold his house and went on the road full time. In 2006, I sold my fifth wheel in which I had been living since 2001 and moved in with Ron in his motorhome. Since then we have traveled throughout much of the US and some of Canada. We met through our singles RV club WIN (Wandering Individuals Network) and sometimes travel with them or other friends.



Heath and Alyssa


Heath and Alyssa

We’re obsessed with teaching others how to travel full-time.

We’re Heath and Alyssa Padgett, filmmakers and creative entrepreneurs.

We love to travel, but when you’re 25, it isn’t always easy or affordable to see the world. That’s why we moved into an RV and started traveling full-time.

Quick facts about Heath:

  • I worked an hourly job in all fifty states as part of our film, Hourly America.
  • I host the RV Entrepreneur Podcast, a top-ranked travel podcast in iTunes.
  • I launched a software startup from our Winnebago, campgroundbooking.com.

Quick facts about Alyssa:

  • I manage our private Facebook community, Make Money RVing, of over 3,000 members.
  • I directed and filmed Hourly America with no prior film experience.
  • I manage our production company, Franklin Films.

After college, we both worked office jobs. They were so boring. We didn’t last a year before we knew sitting in an office all day for the next forty years wasn’t going to work.

Together we hatched a plan to quit our jobs, buy an old RV off of Craigslist, and cross off a major bucket list item: traveling to all fifty states. Four days after our wedding, we hopped into our 1994 Coachman Leprechaun and head west.


Our Awesome Travel


Our Awesome Travels


On the road in our coach following the sun. Out of the workforce at 56 yrs old, Suzie somewhat younger (7years) we are enjoying life, traveling and exploring Canada , USA and Mexico. Since August 2006.

We have wheels so lets make them turn.

Home to both of us is southern Ontario where we usually spend the summer months, visiting with family and friends. Married in 1993 and still on our honeymoon.

In the winter months we head south to warmer climates all the way from Florida to California, our favourite spots are Louisiana, all over Texas, New Mexico, California, Mexico, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, New York, Ohio, Omaha,the desert of southern Arizona, California, Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and many more.