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I think the very first thing I would tell anyone going through a big change is this. Fear is totally normal!!

When I was a teenager there was a really popular self-help book called “Feel The Fear, And Do It Anyway”. It was classic 80’s pop psychology literature, but it made a big impact on me. At the time I was going through quite a bit of depression, and angst. I was confident of certain things but felt a lot of fear in other things. After reading the book I realized I wasn’t alone in this. Everyone feels fear at some point, and although it may not seem logical, it’s part of the process. So, I learned to deal with it and every time I felt fear, I’d chant the mantra…

Feel the fear, and do it anyway



Rolling in an RV




I started this blog to provide information about accessibility for other people with physical limitations but it has developed into much more. I think that the information will be helpful to all RVers whether they need the accessibility information or not.

I’m going to include as much information as I can but since I can only judge things from my own condition, I may get some things wrong.

Getting information about accessibility is hard because most of the time able bodied people have no idea what is necessary for someone in a wheelchair. Many times we’ve discovered beautiful places or interesting attractions that are very accessible-sometimes they’re planned that way, sometimes it has just happened. Either way we appreciate them all and wish that there was a way to spread the information. Maybe this blog will reach other people who want to see and do as much as they can whether they’re walking or rolling.



New Age Nomad




Hello and thanks for visiting! My story begins in 2009 when after 16 yrs of being in the rat race, I decided to pursue a childhood dream of mine, which was to lead a nomadic lifestyle living rent free, and on a very small budget. I blame this fantasy on national geographic and watching far too many episodes of Grizzly Adams.



Chapter 3 Travels




chapter 3 travels

We are a husband and wife who, during the summer of 2016, walked away from the life we had built in order to explore our vast and varied country in a 38 foot RV.

Since meeting each other in law school, we’ve shared a love of travel, adventure and food. In the beginning, we headed out of town often, but as time passed, our travels, unfortunately, become less and less frequent. With two demanding careers and a rather high maintenance dog, our ability to do what we really love was severely limited. At the same time, as we got older, we came to truly appreciate just how short and uncertain life can be. Taking into consideration Kevin’s long, complicated health history and embracing the simple realization that nothing is guaranteed, we decided to find a way to do what we really love while we still can.







Tadibrothers has been dedicated to selling top quality items since 2003.

We take pride in everything we sell and we work diligently at making our customers happy.

Our goal is to make the purchasing experience as simple and friendly as possible. From Backup Camera Systems to entertainment electronics, to simple LED novelty items (some of which were invented by Tadibrothers), we are dedicated to selling items that we ourselves tested and use in our day to day lives