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The Wandering RV


The Wandering RV

Hey there! Bill, Kayla, and Luna here. Glad to see you’re interested in our story.

I’ll just get right to it, then. After dating for two years and planning this adventure for a whopping month, we decided to sell our cars and almost everything in our house, pack up what was left, and stuff it in an RV.

I had just graduated college, and Kayla was finally learning her kid’s routines at the daycare she worked at. We had no idea what we were doing, but we did it anyway. The thing is… everyone has to start somewhere.



Bathroom Eyes


Bathroom Eyes

Today modern campground bathrooms have eyes everywhere. They have them in the lights, in the faucet, in the soap dispenser, in the blow dryer, in the paper towel dispenser, in the room air freshener and even in the toilet. By now I am sure that you have guessed that what I am referring to is those little sensors on these things that turn them on and off.…more




Faith Takes Flight




Welcome! I’m honored that you are here. Let’s get to know each other.

I’m an adventuresome, internal processing, book reading, travel loving, introvert. Writing is an avenue for me to learn more about myself and the world around me. I am not very comfortable with surface conversation. I like to ask questions. I tend to resist the norm and feel drawn toward those who dare to dream big.

I love Jesus. He is my everything. My foundation with Him has been tested and proven firm. We’re inseparable.

I won the spouse lottery in 1999 and married a man who is so similar to me that it’s just not fair to others. Two happy little introverts questioning the status quo together. That’s us.

We’ve made babies together. Five times. Our third baby earned me the before mentioned opportunity to test my foundation. I internally processed my way through an avalanche of grief when he was stillborn at the end of my pregnancy. Later, those internal thoughts became a book.





We are the Davis’: Luke (28), Rachel (26), Charlotte (2), and our dog. Aside from wanting to live in a school bus, we are your (seemingly) average family.

We are high school sweethearts who got married right after graduating. Luke works as a Chicago ppipe fitter and Rachel started a baking business (Sweets By Rae) after graduating from college with a degree in Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

We have one dog, who really is more like a cat…He’s quite goofy. But who we really like spending time with is our amazingly adorable, beautiful, smart, energetic, funny, bright, silly two year old daughter Charlotte!

We have lived in the town of Oswego, Illinois (a Chicago suburb) our whole lives and are excited to get out and see this beautiful country that surrounds us, as well as the people in it! We love meeting new people and making new friends so don’t be shy! Our family loves Jesus and our faith in firmly planted in Him. We would love for you to follow us on our journey, but you don’t just have to be spectator. Please feel free to contact us about anything whether you have advice, questions, places of interest or just general comments.

We are the Midwest Wanderers.


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