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After all wouldn’t you rather just……. HitchUpandGo?


Keep Your Daydream



keep your daydream

Hello & welcome to Keep Your Daydream. We’re Marc & Tricia and we’re glad you’re here. We personally want to invite you to follow our adventure on YouTube, listen to the podcast and read our blog for inspiration to turn your “someday” into now!

There is no question that we’re living the dream…but it wasn’t by accident and it wasn’t easy.



Random Bits of Trial and Error





We are Dawn and Mike. This blog is about the random bits of full-time RV life that require trial and error reactions. I can’t say it’s for everyone, but it will hopefully have something for someone. It’s quirky and contains a little humor with tiny bits of wisdom obtained by good, old-fashioned trial and error. It’s a mishmash of full-time RV adventures, living and working on the road, relationships, friendships, dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, our crazy adventures, and–most of all–small observations that make ordinary life extraordinary.




Live Small Ride Free




Yes, we’re another couple with their dogs living full-time in an RV. This website documents our journey to live sustainably in a 100% solar powered RV while adventuring in the outdoors with our two dogs.

We spent a year rebuilding our fifth-wheel, affectionately named the Toaster, with the goal to minimize our dependency on fossil fuels while staying away from RV parks and campgrounds as much as possible.


Where are the Dixons Today?




Most of you know that Jim’s two favorite things (besides me and the pups) are fishing and NASCAR. And the best part of NASCAR for him is being able to drive really fast.

I had used a Groupon to buy Jim a Rusty Wallace Racing Experience out at Phoenix International Raceway. He was scheduled for last spring but it was pouring rain and he had to reschedule. So last Saturday was the day.







Tadibrothers has been dedicated to selling top quality items since 2003.

We take pride in everything we sell and we work diligently at making our customers happy.

Our goal is to make the purchasing experience as simple and friendly as possible. From Backup Camera Systems to entertainment electronics, to simple LED novelty items (some of which were invented by Tadibrothers), we are dedicated to selling items that we ourselves tested and use in our day to day lives