Nealys on Wheels

Hello! We are Deas and Jennifer Nealy. We have been RVing with our 3 dogs since 2013.

We first started toying with the idea of RVing when we somehow ended up with 3 dogs, and it became ridiculously expensive to board them when we went out of town. We started taking more and more car vacations where we could bring the dogs with us, and we talked about how nice it would be to just have an RV so we wouldn’t have to worry about finding dog-friendly accommodations (which is especially difficult when you have THREE dogs!)

Kellogg Show

Hey there, thanks for stopping by!! We are the Kellogg Family! We are 14 strong and are a self described BadAss Family of adrenaline junkies. In 2012 we sold everything we owned (except our home, which was underwater at the time) and we now live in an RV, traveling across the entire continent, completely liberated and totally free! It’s been over 4 years and we’ve logged over 85,000 miles, visited 40+ states and all of Eastern Canada!! What began as a “fun vacation” has transformed into a way of life. Since we started traveling I can honestly say we’ve seen and done more than in our entire lives combined! Our youngest, at 3, has the mind and the experience of someone three times his age … and the same goes for the rest of our kids, and, I’d like to think the same for us parents as well!