Trailer Life Towing Guides

Welcome to our towing guide section. Here, you’ll find all our towing guides going back to 1999 in digital PDF format. Each digital guide is packed with setup tips, additional equipment, and a full list of the model year’s towing enabled vehicles. These guides will assist you in vehicle towing for your camper, RV, travel trailer, 5th Wheel, and more. You will learn about towing capacity, ratings, and more!


RVillage is built by RVers for RVers. The RVillage platform is the internet’s largest & most active social network of RVers, RV enthusiasts, RV dreamers, and nomadic travelers. RVillage consists of hundreds of thousands of RVers who share their stories and information with each other, creating a community based on freely given peer to peer information and vast knowledge of their lifestyle.

Mobile Internet Resource Center

Our goal is to provide a central resource center about mobile internet options for US based travelers – RVers, boaters, truckers and nomads of all sorts. From tracking the news, how-to guides and helping field questions.

We have made this our focus so you can save time & money and get out there exploring what drives you!

This website is our repository of knowledge on this niche topic and news stories analyzed just for travelers. We’ve been building this since 2013, and there’s a lot of content (currently over 900 unique pages!).


We just want to give it to you straight. Campendium was created specifically to provide up-to-date information on campgrounds. We scour the web, personally call staff, and even actually drive to (and camp at!) many of the places on our site.

We hope you love Campendium but please do feel free to do as much additional planning as possible. This is a great idea because, even if everything on our site is 100% accurate, there’s still the chance that Spring Break, Summer Vacation, or Snowbirds may have already reserved every spot at your prime location!